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Oral-B Genius X Limited: The Electric Toothbrush with AI

In the past decade, Oral-B has revolutionized how we brush our teeth with their fantastic line of electric toothbrushes. But now, the brand has raised the bar yet again with its new Genius X Limited, an electric toothbrush with artificial intelligence (AI).

What is the Oral-B Genius X Limited?
The Oral-B Genius X Limited is the world’s first toothbrush that combines artificial intelligence and smartphone connectivity to help you brush your teeth better and smarter. This electric toothbrush has many features including a pressure sensor that alerts you when you are brushing too hard, a timer that guides you on how long to brush for, and an app that lets you know what areas of your mouth need brushing. With all these features combined, the Oral-B Genius X Limited is the perfect addition to any family’s oral care routine.

How does it work?
Oral-B’s new electric toothbrush, the Oral-B Genius x, is different from any other electric toothbrush on the market. With artificial intelligence and an intuitive design, this toothbrush can remove up to 100% more plaque than a manual brush. It also has a personalized brushing experience that adapts to your brushing preferences over time. In addition, you can control the intensity of your brushing session using five intensity settings or switch between three modes (clean, white and massage) for extra care.
The Oral-B Genius X is unique in its ability to reach hard-to-reach places like teeth at the back of your mouth or difficult to clean areas like around braces or crowns. And because it does so much work for you – cleaning better and longer – you’ll be done in half the time it takes to clean manually!
How do I get one?: Your dentist may already have one in stock! If not, they are available at select retailers such as Walmart and Amazon (exclusively).

What are the benefits?
The Oral-B Genius X Limited is the first toothbrush to incorporate artificial intelligence for a deeper, more personalized brushing experience. It comes equipped with 5 brushing modes and 3 intensity levels that make it easy to find your perfect setting. Plus, its pressure sensor alerts you when you brush too hard so that you can avoid excessive force. It has Bluetooth connectivity which means you don’t have to manually sync your phone after every use! With just one touch of the button on the handle, your phone automatically connects to the toothbrush and opens up an app that lets you know how well you brushed at home or what areas need extra attention. You can even share a smiley face with friends who also use this model!

How much does it cost?
The Oral-B Genius X Limited is currently priced at $99.99 and is not covered under warranty if it’s bought from a third party retailer. However, it does come with a 2 year limited warranty that covers the product for defects in materials or workmanship, or if the product malfunctions.

Where can I buy it?
The Oral-B genius x limited electric toothbrush is a wonderful invention of the future. With artificial intelligence, it can tell you when to change your toothbrush head and how long you have brushed for. It also has a pressure sensor so that you are brushing your teeth properly. This toothbrush can be purchased on Amazon.

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