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The NookDesk made me more productive than ever

The research is out there: standing desks are full of benefits in the workplace. If you’re sick of the monotony and pain of hunching over your laptop, the NookDesk is the solution you need.

  • What are the benefits of a standing desk? Standing instead of sitting can help improve your posture while also reducing your risk of heart disease and even increase productivity.
  • Are there gadgets that can improve productivity? Of course ! Check out this roundup we did for some of the best.
  • What’s a great standing desk? With programmable positions, plenty of storage, and exceptional design, the NookDesk seems to have it all.

There’s a lot of buzz these days about standing desks in the workplace and their benefits are for good reason: the health industry is warning us about the potentially harmful effects of sitting all day, every day. But if you’re in the market for a standing desk, how do you know what to look for or if it will meet all your needs?

Enter the NookDesk – every professional’s dream sit-or-stand desk. With 200 different positions and endless options to customize, this desk is perfect for just about everyone. As a bonus, additional features like wheels are available so any place can become your workspace.

Are standing desks beneficial to your health?

Absolutely. Spending eight or more hours sitting at your desk can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and more. As a result, the talk in the health industry is all about sitting less and standing more. Opting to stand while you work has many health benefits and can even improve your productivity and quality of life. While most standing desks only give you the option to stand, the NookDesk lets you choose to sit or stand to suit any task that comes across your desk.

Can a standing desk really improve productivity?

In my case, yes. I felt more awake and alert when I stand for part of the day. Standing forces better posture, which I noticed even after the first few hours. Plus, being able to sit whenever I get tired is an added bonus. Changing the height took just a press of a button thanks to programmable settings. Altogether, there was a noticeable increase in my productivity and efficiency.

Like a girl telling you her dress has pockets, you can bet I’m going to tell you all about the storage of this desk. The NookDesk, no matter how you customize it, has plenty of space for your monitor, keyboard, stationery, gadgets, fidget spinners, and anything else you need in arm’s reach. Having everything right where I needed it saved me from fumbling through drawers and storage bins, bringing my productivity to all new levels.

Made to order

Do you like having extra storage on your desk? No problem! Have two monitors you’d like to mount above your desk? Check! How about extra USB and power outlets easily within reach? You can add those, too! Are you simply a very tall person? They’ve got you covered. With frame sizes ranging from 48” to 72” and a maximum height of 50”, the NookDesk is created with everyone in mind.

Meeting all the needs of today’s remote workers, you can build your perfect workspace set up with the easy-to-use website. In addition to its many different positions and options, the NookDesk is made of high-quality materials and looks exceptionally sophisticated, so you can be sure it will stand the test of time.

It’s all about the details

Along with all the incredible features, you’ll also have your choice of colors and materials to make the desk fit your space. Plus, options include various frame colors as well as color and material of the desk surface. Whether you’re looking for a low-maintenance option or a more timeless look, there’s a design for you. No matter what you choose, the same care and attention to detail go into every desk – from the soft comfort edges to the dust, air, and moisture resistant design. Each desk also comes standard with a no-nonsense three-year warranty and optional extended warranty coverage.

Each desk also comes standard with a no-nonsense three-year warranty
Each desk also comes standard with a no-nonsense three-year warranty

What I love most:

It’s easy to use thanks to the programmable heights and it’s just simply beautiful.

Room for improvement:

This desk truly has it all and does it all – the only thing I’d change is slightly clearer instructions. As they were in black and white, it was tricky to differentiate between the screw types.


– Website: Buy now
– Price: $399
– Shipping: 1-3 days for order processing, plus 2-4 days transit time

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